Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for a child to go to camp?

No, not a penny. Through the generosity of donors and volunteers, the entire expense of camp and the year-round support programs for each family is fully funded.

Can we talk to parents whose children have attended?

Most definitely. We understand that parents of first-time campers may be concerned about entrusting their child to our care. If parent references are desired, we will gladly facilitate contact.

Is a camper's sibling allowed to come to camp?

Some camps have the capacity to accept siblings, and some do not. Contact your local Camp Quality to inquire if they invite siblings.

Does Camp Quality receive any government funds?

No, we are completely funded by community groups, small and large businesses, private foundations and individual donors.

Does Camp Quality own any campgrounds?

No. We rent appropriate facilities for only 1-2 weeks a year.

Are there background checks of all camp staff?

Yes, all Camp Quality staff undergo a background check, reference checks, an interview and training before they can assist at camp.

Will the privacy of my child and family be protected by Camp Quality?

Yes. Camp Quality takes our responsibilities seriously. We never publish or give out a camper's last name to ensure their privacy.

Do you have another question? Please contact us.